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Thoughtful and provocative drama about Europe's current sociopolitical crisis told through the allegory of a crumbling and twisted marriage.

Europe, the wife, trapped in a boom and bust relationship with her young and immature husband Rich, feels lost and disconnected from reality. Unable to deal with his sexual demands and the tragedy that has occurred because of his misconduct, Europe embarks on a journey within her mind to find herself. 

On her way she’ll meet the people that have haunted and affected her marriage: Rich’s decadent mother, his corrupted friends, his innocent victims and most importantly his domineering lover Adam - a man who seems to dictate the fate of many, including hers. The film is a visual diary of a woman’s thought-process towards divorce.  

It’s dense and meaningful, with surrealistic overtones that reflect her subconscious.  It attempts to blend the personal with the global.

The narrative unfolds across two threads:
a) The black and white reality, which takes place inside the couple's penthouse and b) Colourful, beautiful, challenging exteriors where Europe faces her fantasies and fears. 

The black and white section reflects the intrinsic nature of Europe (closed off, troubled and torn) while the latter portrays her  true nature (hopeful, loving, misunderstood). 

The view from their penthouse changes constantly.  From Paris to Athens and from New York to London, the cities reflecting the sociopolitical parallels of their marriage.

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The Trailer

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Main Cast

Miranda Magee
I played the female lead of Woman and I had the most fulfilling experience as an actress in Marriage I have had my entire acting career. The part demanded such depth and integrity as so did the narrative. I have no doubt that anyone watching Marriage will find themselves engaged and transfixed by it's sophistication. Thought provoking and incredibly inspiring. Bio Past credits include: Ava in the film 'Facade' Mary in viral series 'Get Funked'. Hilary Van Zale in Number 1 Tour of Fatal Encounter. Hazel in 'A Story Untold'.
Christopher Slater
When I first read the script for Marriage, I knew it was going to be an intense and emotional drama, with strong characterisation and presented real challenge as an actor. Past Work Theatre D Faustus at The Rose Theatre, Bankside Demetrius, A Midsummer Nights Dream, No 1 Theatre tour. Voice work - Character vocals in Pirates!, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Centurion, X Force: The Enemy Within. FilmShort films including lead roles inTermination, Scars, Complex. Featured roles in Shadow Walker, A Story Untold, Zombie Descent.
Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh is a Yorkshire born film, TV and Theatre Actor and Writer. His film roles include the title Character in the Jonathan Bentley directed fantasy science fiction feature “The Wastelander” (2017) the role of the D I O'Connell, in Russ Gomm & Phillip Means the “Legend Of The Mad Axeman” (2015), “Elevator Gods” (2014) and “The Shouting Men” (2012). His numerous TV credits include “Coronation Street” (2008), “Brief Lives” (2005), “Medical Mavericks” (2005), several appearances in “The Bill” (2000 – 2003), “Buried” (2002), “Clocking Off” (2002) and “Mersey Beat” (2001).
Graham Sinclair
Graham Sinclair was a member of both the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal National Theatre. He has worked as an actor, director and producer in the theatre. Television credits include Lillie, Rumpole of the Bailey, Laura and Disorder, Hold the Back Page, Iphigenia at Aulis, Emmerdale, Eastenders, The Bill and London's Burning. His films include Chaplin and The Real Charlotte.

Supporting Cast (1/4)

Gregory Caine
Gregory has been acting for over 13 years and in that time has had the great pleasure of acting alongside great actors like Guy Pearce, Malcolm McDowell, Corbin Bernsen and Tom Sizemore. He grew up in England but moved to Australia and began his acting career there. In 2010 he worked on 3 feature films: Bloodline, Night Of The Living 3D Dead, and Marriage as well as appearing in several TV shows.
David Frampton
A very in-demand British actor, David Frampton, recently finished filming the leads in three new films: ‘The Last Day Of Winter’, ‘A Father For The Dead’ (The Eschatrilogy) and the short film ‘Me Rory’. These are released in 2013.
Vanessa-Jane Chapman
Vanessa is an actor and freelance writer living in Kent. She trained in drama and singing in Las Vegas,and has varied experience on stage, screen and in print.
Venetia Twigg
Venetia is artistic director of Theatrical Niche Ltd, regularly touring the UK with a slate of amazing plays as actress, writer and director.

Supporting Cast (2/4)

Nikos Kougoulos
Nikos is from Greece. He studied acting in New York. He participated in numerous short films in Greece for the 48 hour film project, in a pilot episode for Mothers Mafia (London) and in the upcoming feature film MARRIAGE. He is extremely passionate and dedicated in his acting and loves challenges and difficult roles. 'Homer' was one of the hardest he ever did, putting 200% into it, body and soul.
Mitch Powell
His latest film Saint Dracula 3D premiered at Cannes 2012. Mitch has had a wealth of acting experience in films, TV and theatre. He is versatile, uninhibited and able to tackle the hardest of parts. His rendition of 'Hank" is one to watch.
Norma Cohen
New TV credits inc: Chronicles of Professor Elemental & a slew of comic/glam characters for commercials. Recent film: Say a Little Prayer for Me, Reflection, Listen, Where is Harry? (1st prize Kraków Film Lab), As Old as You Feel, Dinner for One, Tired of Swimming (V/O). Theatre: Countess/Usher in Pushkin's Queen of Spades (Arcola Theatre), Leie in Requiem for a Friday night (CASA Festival/Venezuelan Embassy), Rochel in Pop (Tristan Bates) & Myrtle in 9.21 to Shrub Hill (New Diorama).
Ourania Samartzi
Ourania Samartzi trained on the Physical Theatre Course at East 15 Acting School. Credits include Caged Craving (Mill Co. Project) and Café Obaasan (Ovalhouse Theatre)

Supporting Cast (3/4)

Alan Calton
27 year old actor, has numerous films under his belt, just finished filming for Los Angeles production company Automatic Entertainment in "Knight Of the Dead" playing Gabriel, now preparing for Stage version of Wuthering Heights as Heathcliff.
Barbara L
Born in Germany, Barbara L lived in various countries being fluent in German, Swedish & English, survival in French, Mandarin & Portuguese. These different cultures mirror her approach to acting. 'There is not one way of getting into character, but being the character'. With roles in classic and modern plays and various short films. 'Angie' is her first feature.
Erick Hayden
Erick moved to England from Alaska where he worked as an Actor, Director, & audio/video specialist. He recently finished his masters at Guildford School of Acting and is now working in the Theatrical & Film Arts in England. He can be seen in the feature film "Baby Geniuses 3" starring Jon Voight and directed by Sean MacNamara.
Brook Hair

Supporting Cast (4/4)

Raphael Curtis
Nathan Bevan-Stewart
Nathan is currently appearing in the 'Face of Kinder' chocolate campaign; and in an online film for Hampton Court Palace widely advertised in London this summer - 'the Glorious Georges'
Emil Jonsson
Award-winning actor/director from Stockholm, Sweden. More than 10 years working in film and theatre. Member of the Swedish Actors Union (TF) and the British Actors Equity (BAE).
Derek Horne
Working on Marriage, even for a short while, was hugely fun and rewarding. The film will be the one to watch next year and I'm very proud to be part of it. Derek was last seen in Ultimate Forcewith Ross Kemp, ITV.

Scenes from Marriage


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